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Beethoven - SOLD

Due to the increase in scammers stealing our photos, videos, and descriptions, we have added new watermarking to our content. Please beware specifically of a page by the name of "Kids and Beginner Horse for Adoption in USA" they have a very elaborate scam running on Facebook using our horses. Be diligent when buying online! Our horses will never be posted under another business name. Additionally, our numbers and email below is our ONLY contact information. If you are contacting someone with another number or email, it is a scam.

Price - 25,000

Location - Clover, SC 

Temperament (1 Quiet - 10 Hot) -

Skills - Amateur Friendly, Trail Riding,  Dressage, Eventing, Hunter Pace, Family Horse, Jumper, Husband/Guest Horse, Western
Ideal Match - Beethoven is ready to head out in any direction. He is safe for any level rider, and is versatile enough for almost any job.

Maintenance & Special Care - 


Beethoven is a 5 year old Friesian x Gypsy Vanner x Spotted Draft gelding standing 16.1 hands high. He is sensible, kicking quiet, and has the best, most silly, personality you will ever find. He will go anywhere, do anything you ask, and has a fantastic dressage foundation that has him set up for success in any direction. Bee is a blast cross country. He is as brave and honest as they come! We have shot guns off of his back, explored every trail around, ridden him bridleless, taken him on hunter paces, and we trust him to safely ride around with our little ones and guests.

In the arena, Beethoven is slow and steady. His canter is something special and feels like you're on a rocking horse.  He will go on the buckle, in a frame, or with no bridle at all. He knows basic lateral work and is beginning to school first level dressage tests. Bee will be easy to bring up the levels as he is balanced, and soft, with quality gaits. Bee will take a joke and does not mind a nervous or timid rider. Though he is young, he helps any riders confidence with his gentle nature. His motto is, "Never go faster than I'm asked to go." He will bop around quietly no matter who is on his back. We have started Beethoven over fences in the ring and he has been brave and honest in every way, though most of his jumping experience is out in hunt country and on the xc field. He will pop over logs, walls, and coupes up to 3”3 with scope for more.

Out of the ring, Beethoven is a trail master that loves to explore. He will cross any and all obstacles and loves water. Bee is safe to ride near busy roads and is not bothered by traffic. He rides alone or with a group, and is used to loading up in the trailer and going off property to trail ride, hunter pace, and school at other arenas. Bee is the same horse on or off property, and can be safely ridden by anyone on any trail.

In the barn, Beethoven is the barn favorite for his hilarious personality. We have nothing but great things to say about this lovable guy. He’s in your pocket, yet polite and respectful. He has no vices or quirks and is safe for anyone to handle. This horse is such a character. He is the type of horse that thinks he's a human. He will grab and throw grooming supplies within his reach like it's a game, follow you around in the pasture, and is just as happy being groomed and loved on as he is grazing out in the pasture.

Beethoven is special in every way. No matter what discipline you wish to take him in, he will be successful. And no matter the level of your riding, you will be safe with him. Beethoven is an easy keeper that can live inside or out,  and has no quirks or maintenance.

Beethoven is available to be tried at our farm in Clover, SC by appointment. 

Interested in bringing Beethoven home? Give us a call today!  
Please take the time to read our Buyers Guide to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

​Due to the increasing popularity of our horses, we can only hold a horse if a deposit is placed. All horses are considered available and will continue to be shown and advertised unless we have received a deposit. An appointment to see a horse will not hold them for you. Deposits are $1000 via PayPal or Venmo and are ONLY refundable if you are not satisfied with the results of your Pre-Purchase Exam. Many horses have a waitlist of interested clients, so in fairness to everyone, this is a set policy.

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