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Fargo - SOLD


Price - 22,500

Location - Clover, SC 

Temperament (1 Quiet - 10 Hot) -

Skills - Amateur Friendly, Trail Riding,  Dressage, Eventing, Hunter Pace, Family Horse, Jumper, Husband/Guest Horse, Western
Ideal Match - Absolutely anyone can ride Fargo. He is safe and gentle for any rider or program.

Maintenance & Special Care - 


Fargo is a 12 year old 3/4 Quarter Horse 1/4 Percheron gelding standing 16.1 hands high. If safety is your number one goal, Fargo is the horse for you. Fargo isn't headed to the olympics, but you can count on him to always carry his rider slow, steady, and safely no matter the task at hand. Fargo is well rounded and educated. He is broke well under English and western tack, will pop over small jumps, and is a trail riding extraordinaire. He is not spooky, and hasn't gotten worked up by anything we have thrown his way. He is the same horse if ridden once a week, or every day, and he's the same horse on or off property. Fargo knows his job and is happy to do it, no matter the rider or situation.  Absolutely anyone can ride this horse. All of our kids can pilot him safely both in the ring and on the trails, he is tolerant, forgiving, and reliable. 

In the ring, Fargo is as easy as they come. He will walk, trot, and canter in a frame or on a loose rein and can even be ridden in a just a halter and lead rope. This guy is the definition of good brained. He is forgiving of bouncy kids, unbalanced adults, and is the perfect choice for husbands and guests who want to take a ride. Fargo's gaits are smooth and comfortable, he has great brakes and easy steering. Fargo knows basic lateral work, steers off the leg, and neck reins well. He is slow and steady while still being responsive enough to not tire your legs out. Fargo has a great attitude and aims to please. He will trot around a cross rail course with the kids, and has popped over some 2''6 fences, logs, and coupes.  We use Fargo for our kid's lessons, and he is the perfect patient teacher to them.
On the trails, Fargo is in his element. He loves to hack out, explore, and go on camping trips. He has experience working cattle, and does not get worked up in a busy farm environment. Fargo will lead, follow, or ride alone. He will pony the young horses, ride double, go bareback, or carry your camping supplies. He is experienced on just about any trail you can think of, and is alway brave and honest. Fargo is safe with busy traffic, dogs, kids, ATVs, deer, and more. He is the best choice for husbands, kids, and first timers to trail ride on, he is fun, safe, and steady! 
In the barn, Fargo is regularly handled by our kids and their friends. He is a good boy to be groomed, bathed, and tacked. He is well behaved and mannerly for all of the usual (and unusual) barn activities. Fargo is easy to load and trailer. He is used to haul]ling off property for trail rides, camping trips, lessons, and more. Fargo can live inside or out, and is happy in a mixed herd of mares and geldings. He has no vices, maintenance, and is overall an easy keeper. He wears shoes currently, as our trails are quite rocky, but has been barefoot in the past and did just fine. 
Fargo is saintly, safe, and fun for any level rider. We love his brain and gentle nature, he's a horse you can truly trust with anyone. You can do a bit of everything with him and always feel secure knowing you have a solid partner under you.

Fargo is available to be tried at our farm in Clover, SC by appointment. 

Interested in bringing Fargo home? Give us a call today!  
Please take the time to read our Buyers Guide to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

​Due to the increasing popularity of our horses, we can only hold a horse if a deposit is placed. All horses are considered available and will continue to be shown and advertised unless we have received a deposit. An appointment to see a horse will not hold them for you. Deposits are $1000 via PayPal or Venmo and are ONLY refundable if you are not satisfied with the results of your Pre-Purchase Exam. Many horses have a waitlist of interested clients, so in fairness to everyone, this is a set policy.

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