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Hampton - SOLD


Price - 27,500

Location - Clover, SC 

Temperament (1 Quiet - 10 Hot) -

Skills - Amateur Friendly,  Fox Hunting, Trail Riding,  Dressage, Eventing, Hunter Pace, Family Horse, Husband/Guest Horse, Western Broke, Trick Trained

Maintenance & Special Care - 


Hampton is a 6 year old Quarter Horse x Spotted Draft gelding standing 16 hands high. It's hard to find the right words to describe this horse. He is truly special. Hampton is trick trained to sit, lay down, and step up onto platforms. You can shoot guns from his back, stand on his butt and crack a bullwhip, you name it and he will stand quietly for you to do it. Hampton is gentle as can be with the children, all of the kids here can ride and handle him. He rides well in the arena and out on the trails, and he has gone cross country and on hunter paces! This guy has a puppy dog personality with the most kind and sweet disposition around. We have ridden him in trail competitions, and he does all of the obstacles with ease. The sky is the limit with Hampton.  Whether you want a safe family horse, a flashy hunt mount, a trail master, and everything in between you can do it with Hampton! 

In the ring, Hampton has three easy to ride gaits. Don't let his chunky looks fool you, he has a great canter! Hampton is happy walking around with the little ones, or stepping up to do some dressage work with the adults. He knows how to go in a frame, on a loose rein, or in a halter. He has been started over small courses in the ring, however most of his jumping experience is on the cross country field and on hunter paces. Hampton is very educated with lateral work, and will side pass, leg yield, pivot, and more. He knows a bunch of fun tricks as well. Hampton lays down on command, and will step up onto just about any platform you ask him to. 

On the trails and out of the ring, Hampton is a solid citizen. He is well versed on the trails, and crosses all trail obstacles. He loves trail competitions and will open gates, mailboxes, cross bridges, ramps, water, and more. On the trails, Hampton will lead, follow, or ride alone. He is safe and steady, but not a total dead head - he will happily keep up all day long. We think Hampton would make a great hunt horse, he is sensible, willing, and quiet minded. Hampton pops over logs, coupes, and walls with ease, and is brave over all the fences we have put in front of him. 

In the barn, Hampton is a favorite. He is handled by our kids on a daily basis, and is polite as can be. He is well behaved for all the usual barn tasks, and absolutely loves getting attention. Hampton is a total love bug with a super silly personality. He would prefer to live in your house with you if he could! Hampton ties, clips, loads, bathes, with ease. He is a pleasure, and entertaining, to have in the barn. 

Hampton is available to be tried at our farm in Clover, SC by appointment. 

Interested in bringing Hampton home? Give us a call today!  
Please take the time to read our Buyers Guide to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

​Due to the increasing popularity of our horses, we can only hold a horse if a deposit is placed. All horses are considered available and will continue to be shown and advertised unless we have received a deposit. An appointment to see a horse will not hold them for you. Deposits are $1000 via PayPal and are NOT refundable for any reason. Many horses have a waitlist of interested clients, so in fairness to everyone, this is a set policy.

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