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Zig Zag - SOLD


Price - Consigned to Magic Horse Online Auction

Location - Clover, SC 

Temperament (1 Quiet - 10 Hot) -

Skills - Amateur Friendly,  Fox Hunting, Trail Riding, Hunter Pace, Lessons

Maintenance & Special Care - 


Zig Zag is an 8 year old Quarter Horse gelding standing 15.1 hands high. Ziggy is not going to be your next top level show horse, but he will always be a quiet, safe, and reliable partner that you can trust. Zig Zag came from an older couple where he was their beloved trail horse. Since coming to us, Zig has been doing some basic ring work, pony riding the kids around, and going on hunter paces. He’s not fancy, but he is cute as can be, and safely gets the job done. 

On the trails, Zig Zag is a professional. He will lead, follow, or ride alone. He can be trusted with our youngest kids, guests, and everyone in between. He has been a trail horse his whole life, so he is well versed in all aspects of trail riding and camping. We have taken Zig on some hunter paces, and though he hasn’t done a ton of jumping, he has been super willing and honest about jumping logs, coupes, and other obstacles. 

In the ring, Zig Zag is safe and comfortable. He doesn’t know a whole lot about the ring, but kick him along and he will try his best. He picks up both leads, has a comfy trot and canter, and is happy going at whatever pace you set him at. He rides on a loose rein, and it learning to carry himself in a frame. We have trotted him some cross rails and small jumps, he is honest but not going to be your next Olympic hopeful. He is easy and simple enough that you could really polish him up and make him into a lesson, therapy, or local show mount with some more arena time. 

In the barn, Zig is a sweetie pie. He enjoys people and getting attention. He is handled by the kids here at our farm on a daily basis and is a good boy for all of the usual barn activities. He is happy living in a stall or out in the pasture. He gets along well with mares and geldings, and is easy to catch. Zig does toe in a bit, as shown in his video. This does not affect him in any way, he is happy and sound as can be. He loads, ties, clips, and bathes easily. 

Zig Zag is a sweet and gentle soul that could go in any direction. Bring home a solid trail horse that’s safe for anyone in the family, or put some miles in the ring on him and make him into a trusty lesson or local show horse.
Folks are welcome to come to meet and see us ride Zig Zag on Monday July 15th from 12 noon until 2pm 

Zig Zag  is consigned to Magic Horse Online Auction. Bidding ends on July 16th at 7pm EST  

Click Here for a link to bidding and auction infromation.

Interested in bringing Zig Zag home? Give us a call today!  
Please take the time to read our Buyers Guide to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

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