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What We Offer

From first ponies, to family horses, young prospects, eventing horses, jumpers, and everything in between! Our team is as versatile as our horses, making it possible to bring the best of various disciplines to our program and to our horses. We pride ourselves on producing versatile, safe, and well-rounded horses for our clients.


Why Come to Us?

A Stress Free Horse Buying Experience

Carolina Sport Horses was founded by a group of equine professionals who saw a need for a new kind of horse buying experience. We strive to offer transparency and trustworthiness throughout the process of finding your next horse. Ensuring our clients feel a connection with their new partner is just the start. Our team is experienced in all types of sales, from site-unseen buyers, to those traveling to us to try in person. We can help with walking you through the vetting process, finding and arranging shipping, speaking with your trainer, coordinating additional video, Zoom trials, and more! Click below to read testimonials from some of our clients.


Buyers Guide


Carolina Sport Horses offers a wide range of quality, versatile horses from various disciplines and backgrounds. It is our goal to match each horse with the most suitable owner. We spend a lot of time working with our horses, and talking to perspective buyers, to make the buying process as seamless as possible. Our horses have become increasingly popular, and to be fair to all interested buyers, we put together a few things that we encourage everyone to read.

Coming to Try a Horse

We also understand that not everyone can come to our farm in person, which is why we put so much time into our videos and descriptions. We get to know our all horses and find out what each one of their strong points or weaknesses are. They go through many different situations and go many places while in our program to see what disciplines and types of programs they are best suited for. Some of our horses are finished, others are young and in the training process, some are show horses, and others trail and family horses. No horse is the same and that’s why we showcase each horses talents in the multiple videos we post of each horse. With that said, regardless of how well we know each horse, it’s impossible for us to know how a horse will be with a new rider. When you try one of our horses here before buying, we both get to see how suitable the match is.

Buying Sight Unseen

The majority of our horses do end up being purchased by folks off of video. Many horses go across the country and even internationally! This is not an uncommon process for us, and we are more than happy to walk you through it to make your purchase a simple and stress free experience. In this case, we love to hear from you and your trainer, if you have one, and take the time to chat about the process and what you’re looking for in your next equine partner. The more we can learn about your riding abilities, experience, and goals with your horse, the more we can help ensure a good match.

Vet Checks

We always encourage vet checks if that makes you more comfortable.

Some horses have basic exams done already, but you are always welcome to have additional exams performed by a vet of your choosing. We only allow horses in our program that come from reputable backgrounds. That being said, we do not have X-ray vision, so we always encourage folks to do whatever they need to feel comfortable with their purchase. We take pride in representing our horses truthfully in our ads and will always disclose any maintenance, vices, or limitations if they have any. Though most of our horses are vice free with no limitations. There are two reputable vets in our area with mobile x-ray equipment. Top Gun Veterinary and Tryon Mobile. Most clients go with Top Gun as they are local and  we can trailer the horse, free of charge, to their clinic within a day or two of scheduling. Whereas Tryon tends to have a 10+ day wait as we cannot trailer in to their clinic due to the distance.

Deposits/ Holding A Horse

We offer a way to hold a horse for vettings. If you want us to hold a horse, you have the option to put down a $1000 nonrefundable deposit.

- Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE

-Deposits hold the horse for 5 days only. After that period the horse will be available to the public again. The deposit is nonrefundable because our horses sell fairly quickly and taking them off the market forces us to turn down other buyers. This is the only way to be fair to all interested parties. Otherwise all horses are available on a first come, first serve basis. ••Without a deposit the horse will continue to be shown and advertised, even if you have an appointment to come see them. ** 

We do not allow trials, leases, or payment plans on any of our horses.

You are welcome to come to our farm as many times as you’d like to try the horse. You are welcome, and encouraged, to bring your trainer along to give you a lesson. Folks can also come try the horse on their own, and we are happy to take you out on a hack or trail ride if you’d like.

Sales & Online Auctions

We consign a number of our horses to quality sales throughout the year.

When a horse is consigned to a sale, we will provide you with the location of the sale as well as how to bid in person, online, or over the phone. Links are always added to every post. You are always welcome to come try and vet the horse prior to the sale. When a horse is consigned to the sale it will NOT sell prior to the sale and must be bought through the sale company. In cases where the horse is consigned to a sale, we do NOT allow people to put down a deposit to hold the horse. When the sale takes place it if fair game for anyone who wants to bid. In cases of sales that have “Buy Now” options, folks are welcome to take advantage of that and we as sellers do not get to change or negotiate on that price.


We can always help with arranging shipping for your horse. Generally, we can ship the horse with one of our in house shippers if you are within a 500 mile radius of our farm. For those outside of that area we can recommend many reputable shipping companies and private shippers who frequent your area or state. Unless we have previously agreed upon it, shipping is NOT included in the sale price.

Payment & Next Steps

We accept a few forms of payment including: wire transfers, cash, credit cards, venmo, and PayPal. The most common, and easiest form of payment is a wire transfer. For those using credit cards, there is a 3% fee that will be applied. Horses cannot leave our farm until they are paid in full and payment is cleared.

Horses are welcome to stay at our farm as long as one month after purchase. Horses MUST be fully insured by you if they are staying on our property once they are purchased. A fee of $35/day for basic board (no riding) and $55/day training board (rides 5 days a week until shipping) is applied to all horses being kept at our farm waiting shipping after the first 5 days.

If you have any questions please send us a message or email

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