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Polly Pocket - SOLD


Price - 10,000

Location - Clover, SC 

Temperament (1 Quiet - 10 Hot) -

Skills -
Kids Pony, Leadline, Family Horse, Hunter Pace, Lessons, Trail Riding, Jumping, Fox Hunting

Maintenance & Special Care - 


Polly Pocket is a 15 year old Welsh x Quarter Pony mare standing 12.2 hands high. If safety for the kids is your utmost concern, Polly is the pony for you. She is slow, steady, and unflappable. She can be trusted with our smallest and most timid children, and is a confidence boost with her gentle nature and quiet mind. She loves to trail ride, go off property, do fun shows, and has been used for pony ride parties at a busy event center. Polly is not spooky, and is the same in any environment. She knows her job, loves to take things slow and safe, and is the perfect first pony or addition to the family! 
In the ring, Polly will walk, trot, and canter smoothly. She picks up both leads, has great brakes, and will pop over jumps. With the little ones, Polly is great for walk trot lessons for complete beginners, pony rides, and lead line riders. With the older kids, Polly will jump a course, go cross country, and trail ride!
On the trails, Polly is perfect. She will lead, follow, or ride alone. Take her bareback, in a halter, english, or western. Polly is a trail master that knows, and loves, her job. The kids have ridden her all over our farm, into town, through drive-thru’s, taken her on camping trips, hunter paces, and even into our pool! There is nowhere you can’t take this pony. She is point and shoot, load up and go, and as safe as they come.  
In the barn, Polly is an easy keeper with a great personality. She is not mareish and enjoys the company of people. Polly loves to be groomed, bathed, and loved on. She is the easiest keeper that is happy living outside all the time, or in a stall - it makes no difference to her. She gets along well with her pasture mates, and can be turned out with other mares or geldings. She is easy to catch, and easy for the kids to handle on their own. 
Will Polly be heading to the Olympic Games anytime soon? Nope. But she will be a safe and steady ride for any kid or small adult. She is a seasoned  pro around and off the farm, pokey in the ring,  and a gentle friend in the barn. Polly will be the pony to give your kids confidence and great memories for years to come!

Polly is available to be tried at our farm in Clover, SC by appointment. 

Interested in bringing Polly home? Give us a call today!  
Please take the time to read our Buyers Guide to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

​Due to the increasing popularity of our horses, we can only hold a horse if a deposit is placed. All horses are considered available and will continue to be shown and advertised unless we have received a deposit. An appointment to see a horse will not hold them for you. Deposits are $1000 via PayPal and are NOT refundable for any reason. Many horses have a waitlist of interested clients, so in fairness to everyone, this is a set policy.

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