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Malibu - SOLD


Price - 20,000

Location - Clover, SC 

Temperament (1 Quiet - 10 Hot) -

Skills - Amateur Friendly,  Fox Hunting, Trail Riding,  Dressage, Eventing, Hunter Pace, Jumper, Local Showing, Lesson Horse, 4H/Pony Club

Maintenance & Special Care - 


Malibu is a 12 year old Quarter Horse mare standing 15 hands high. Malibu is an easygoing, well rounded little horse that is great for the whole family. She jumps a course, goes cross country, trail rides, and hunter paces. We have used Malibu for kids lessons, local showing, and to work cows! She is safe enough for any rider, easy to handle, and knows her job. Load her up, take her anywhere, and enjoy your ride without worrying about anything but having fun. Malibu has something for everyone in the family to enjoy!  
In the ring, Malibu is an easy ride. She flats like a lesson horse with three easy to ride gaits, great steering, and great brakes. Malibu is broke both English and western, has a great neck rein, and knows all the lateral work. She is forward thinking without being hot or quick. We have jumped her around courses and she has done some beginner novice out cross country. On the flat, Malibu is forgiving of bouncy kids, unbalanced riders, and takes extra care of a timid rider on her back. 
On the trails, Malibu is brave and happy. She loves getting out and exploring new places. We have ridden her all over, and she is happy to lead the way wherever we go. If you have a nervous young horse, or a horse that needs a confident leader, take Malibu along! She will happily show them the ropes, pony them, or lead through the obstacle to get the group across. She doesn’t care about traffic, other animals, hounds, or any other spooky things you may come across. She does prefer to lead the way in a group, but still will go along mid pack, and is content riding alone too! 
In the barn, Malibu is one of the geldings. She is well behaved and gets along well with the other horses, goats, and cows. She lives in a mixed herd of mares and geldings, and is well behaved and happy in her stall too. She enjoys being groomed and bathed, and loves getting attention. She has great ground manners and can be safely handled by the kids for all of the normal barn tasks. 

Malibu is available to be tried at our farm in Clover, SC by appointment. 

Interested in bringing Malibu home? Give us a call today!  
Please take the time to read our Buyers Guide to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

​Due to the increasing popularity of our horses, we can only hold a horse if a deposit is placed. All horses are considered available and will continue to be shown and advertised unless we have received a deposit. An appointment to see a horse will not hold them for you. Deposits are $1000 via PayPal and are NOT refundable for any reason. Many horses have a waitlist of interested clients, so in fairness to everyone, this is a set policy.

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