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Your Skills and Goals

The first step in finding the right match of horse and rider is being upfront and realistic about your riding abilities and goals. Whether you are just getting back into it after a hiatus, picking up riding as a new hobby, or if you're  seasoned pro, letting us know your experience level will ensure e are matching you correctly and safely with one of our horses. Additionally, your aspirations with your horse are equally as important. We need to know if you need a horse that you can grow with, or grow old with.

Continuing Education

For any amateur or junior rider it is important, especially with a young horse, that you have a trainer as a resource to help both you, and your horse be successful. It is not just show horses that need the guidance of a trainer. Every horse and rider combination benefit from lessons and training, whether you are on the A circuit or in the back yard. We love to hear from your trainers! Please do not hesitate to have yours contact us directly to help aid us, and yourself in the process of buying your next horse.



A horses living situation can drastically change their behavior and disposition. Some horses benefit from living outside 24/7, where others do better in a stall with limited turnout. All of our horses have a write up of their ideal living situation in their ads. When searching for your next horse, keep in mind the type of turnout situations you can offer. If you are boarding your horse, speak to your trainer and barn manager about this. When you bring your new horse home we always recommend trying to maintain their current turnout/stabling routine to ensure a smooth transition, and happy horse.


Much like a horses living situation, their exercise and training routine plays a large role in your new horses life. All of our horses are in a 5 day a week training program with both professional trainers and exercise riders. Every horses schedule and training regimen is different. Some horses need 5 days of intense schooling, others only need occasional tune ups. Every horse is different and we always talk about their individual needs and program. Whether the horse is trail ridden by the kids 2 days a week, or ridden by a pro Monday through Friday, we will discuss each horses needs and see if they will work for yours.

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